About Open Mike's

Open Mikes

At Open Mike's we like to keep things interesting. No one expected us to create one of the best venues for live music on the Space Coast, but here we are. It might have surprised a few people that we decided to open a top-notch coffee bar in the Sunshine State, but hey - music and coffee, right?

Having been in the music retail business for several years we decided to try something different. Our passion for music and community led us to explore an idea for a local musicians’ hangout and a premier spot to showcase the amazing talent that our area has to offer. And our quest for the perfect cup of coffee led us to start roasting our own Organic and Free Trade coffee beans in-house. When it comes to serving the local community, we wanted to offer the very best.

Now music lovers and coffee lovers alike can sit and sip, sing and dance, or meet old friends and make new ones too.

Whether you're bopping by to hear some jazz, helping us to sing the blues, or turning out for original tunes by talented local artists, we have you covered. At Open Mike’s there’s always a chair or a stool with your name on it, great live music, good vibes, and a cup of coffee that will be sure to make your day.

So if you're in the neighborhood, come in for some live music, some good times, and some great coffee. If you can’t get here, that's alright. We're easy like that. But you can still enjoy fresh roasted organic coffee from Open Mike's in the comfort of wherever you call home. Try it today. We'd love to send you some, and we can pretty much guarantee that you'll love yourself for it.

Organic Coffee Beans Roasted In-House

We taste every coffee in every brew method before we decide if it's going to be used for compost only. And only then is it passed on to our coffee loving friends for further scrutiny, and then finally sold to our customers. We try to stay true to the origin and varietal of coffee and roast to highlight each one's unique attributes.

Our truths:

  • There are times in life when when you have to use a Mr Coffee brewer... We know because we have been there, some still are there. So, we even taste test our coffee in one. It’s OK. We won’t judge
  • We have a variety of coffee because we like variety. Dark roasts, blends, single origins…
  • We like to be the ones to navigate through the BS, so you can relax
  • We like to keep it simple, so Mike does not get confused (yes, this is an inside joke, but every business has a Mike, you know who they are)
  • We are *fun* coffee snobs
  • Once you find a label you like, stand behind it, this is your jam. While the origin of the coffee is ever changing, chances are you will always enjoy it.
  • Just because we are fun does not mean we have not — carefully, thoughtfully, and knowledgably — chosen and sourced each coffee varietal we roast. We break that part down a bit when we list our offerings
  • We compost our grounds for local farms
  • We love the earth and source coffee from farmers who feel the samee